Emmanuelle Zysman

Emmanuelle was a shy, dreamy child who loved to dress up. Her grandmother, a seamstress, often gave shape to her whimsical ideas, and in this universe propitious to reverie and creation, the sensation comes into her that the studio, like a diamonds mine, is the place of sudden appearance of all dreams: materialize the adornments that will make you someone else, a dreamed character, a more beautiful girl... one holds between the fingers the power to become someone else, a kind of dreamed oneself, or to make others more desirable.

The idea of each new jewel arises of stones that induce associations of colors, textures whose touch attracts her, or even from a mood of the day: I want to be a gipsy, a circus rider, I want to be a bourgeois, to be Zelda Fitzgerald on the Riviera ...

She thinks that we can express ourselves from what we are wearing, even a tiny detail, invent ourselves through our outfits and accessories, and likes the idea of participating in the embellishment of her clients, in their self-confidence, their desire to travel materialized by a small touch of turquoise ...

Emmanuelle Zysman

Emmanuelle launches her first collection of jewelry with hippie chic influences in 2004. Indian pearls, semi-precious stones tell a return of beach in Ibiza dreamed from Montmartre winter ... Over time she adds gold to her collections, in a very purified design, in parallel to the gipsy inspiration that still crosses her work constantly.

Without abandoning the mini jewelry, she then develops larger pieces, and explores little by little another vein, the idea of a barbaric luxury ...

Emmanuelle Zysman

She creates models recognizables by their contrasted textures of metal and the associations of stones and colors: her jewels seem to have lived and sometimes seem exhumed from archaeological digs, and this imperceptible wear gives them their modern and timeless character.

"I like to torture metal to achieve a used aspect of museum finds, the setting of the rings appears slightly ripped, it is what gives a soul to the jewelry. However it is more the evocation of an atmosphere, I love the fact that it remains modern jewelry and not reproductions of the antique. "

Emmanuelle Zysman

« I’ve made mine Yves Saint Laurent sentence: « my most beautiful trips I made them in my sofa »… I’m mainly inspired by museums and art books. I love the atmosphere of museums, which plunges me into reverie or on the contrary into an euphoric excitement. There is the used state of damaged treasures that I find moving, and gipsy imagery has always fascinated me as well. I persuaded myself as I was a child that I was a little gipsy who had been adopted in a sedentary family ... and I liked to sprinkle my clothes with details that seemed to me straight out of Time of the Gypsies movie.

The exhibition of the Guimet museum « Afghanistan found treasures » is the most inspiring I have ever seen: nomadic princes and princesses of the 2nd century BC were found in their tombs adorned with all their jewels, head ornaments, precious swords, all in gold and turquoise, and the remains of their garments sewn with little golden motives. They could be imagined crossing deserts on horseback, covered with gold from head to toe ... "

Emmanuelle Zysman

His jewels are designed, crafted, and setted in Paris, in his studio. And the subcontractors (caster, gilder ...) are located in Paris as well.

Over the years she has always strived for more technical requirements, and is surrounded by more and more qualified employees, trained in the french jewelry tradition. Today she has the pleasure of welcoming clients who wish to radically transform family rings more suited to a visit to Buckingham Palace than to a 2.0 woman’s life… and to infuse new life into these stones, by raising them so as to make them into everyday treasures.

After the mother house of rue des Martyrs, where the workshop is located, a new cosy boutique opens at the end of 2010: at 33 rue de Grenelle, which is both a luxury seraglio and a place full of literary history. It was the dream place for Emmanuelle to put the anchor left bank.